Where to get care

An extensive network of medical providers

Your employees can access health care worldwide using our large and constantly growing medical provider network.

For in-patient and day-patient treatment, they just contact their nearest customer service centre, which will aim to arrange a guarantee of payment with their provider of choice, so they avoid out of pocket expenses.

If you have chosen a nil excess or direct billing option, your employees can access out patient treatment within our provider network without paying anything.

To find out which medical providers in your area are part of our network download this file. Remind your employees to check the latest information whenever they are arranging treatment, as we are constantly adding new providers to the list.

ChinaCare Direct Billing Network List

ChinaCare Tier3A Hospital List

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If you have bought a policy with our Out-Patient Direct Billing Restricted Network additional option, you can find a list of the medical providers open to you here.

If you have selected our USA Elective Treatment option and need to access non-emergency healthcare in the USA, you can find a medical provider by clicking here. You must contact us prior to any appointments so we can confirm that the facility is an 'In-Network' medical provider. We will also try to settle the bill directly with the provider. We must have approved any costs you incur in advance or we may not be able to cover the cost of your treatment.

To access our USA Network:

  1. Click here
  2. Click on 'Options PPO'
  3. Enter your Location and press Continue
  4. Find Health Care by Category


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